1.     All team members are responsible for knowing the League rules.

2.     Basic NCAA Basketball Rules will be used except for the following:

·         20-min. halves running time; clock stops for timeouts and technical fouls
During the last 1 minute of each half, the clock stops on all whistles
2 timeouts/half; no carry over
Overtime is 3 minutes; last minute is stop time; 1 timeout is added
1-and-1 is on the 7th team foul and 2 shots on the 10th team foul; players foul out on the
       6th personal foul
The closely guarded rule will be in effect since we do not use a shot clock

3.     Corporate Basketball League jerseys must be worn during league play. A 2-shot technical foul will be assessed for each player entering the game without a jersey.  Additional jerseys can be purchased  for $20 L and XL and $25 XXL and XXXL and usually take one week to be delivered. Players must also wear proper gym shorts; no sweatpants or denim cutoffs are allowed in games.                                

4.     All games start promptly on the scheduled time, so it would be a good idea to arrive with ample time to stretch and warm-up. Teams may start and finish a game with 4 players, however 5 players is obviously preferred.

5.     A team that does not have at least 4 players will lose a point a minute until 15 minutes after the scheduled time elapses, at which time the game will be ruled a forfeit. Additionally, the game clock begins to run at the scheduled time.

6.     All teams make the playoffs, except teams that forfeit more than 1 game. Any team with more than 2 forfeits will be disqualified from the League for the remainder of the season.

7.       Players must play at least 5 regular season games to be eligible to compete in playoffs.

8.       It is the responsibility of team captains to find out when playoff games are scheduled. Captains will be contacted with respect to their first playoff game by e-mail after the last regular season game.  Thereafter, scorekeepers will have copies of the drawsheet at the gyms.

9.     Technical fouls result in a $10 fine; this must be paid at the scorer’s table before that individual’s next game or that individual will not be permitted to play in any other League games. Ejection from any 2 games shall result in a player’s automatic disqualification from the League. Please note: The League does not tolerate taunting, trash-talking, profanity or abusive language of any kind.

10.  Dunking is not permitted in warm-ups and will result in a 2-shot technical foul per dunk.

11.  The officials have authority and control over all aspects of the game and facilities.

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