Q: How do I sign up? (or) Is it too late to sign up?
A: Use the nav bar up top. Select a league that currently has sign ups. Register and pay. Voila!

Q: When does the next league start?
A: Leagues start on a rolling basis. Sign up and we'll email you when the next season has open registration.

Q: After I sign up, when should I expect to receive more information for the league?
A: We send out information e-mails the week before the start of a league.

Q: I'm signing up as an individual, can I be placed on a team with a friend?
A: Yes, of course. When you register make sure you put your friend(s) name(s) in the Teammate Request Field. We'll do the rest.

Q: I requested teammates, but they're on a different Free Agents team. How come?
A: One of two things is happening here.
One: League registration isn't closed. We put people on teams at random while registration is open, then when it closes we go back and honor all the teammate requests. If it's before registration has closed, don't worry about it. We'll get you on the same team with your requested teammates after registration closes.
Two: Registration has passed, you got a welcome email, and you're not on the same team. In this case the request either didn't go through or we missed it. Email help@bostoncbl.com and we'll get everything squared away.

Q: We might be short players some weeks, what do we do?
A: Bring some subs! Just make sure that they sign your team waiver before they play.

Q: What if I don't see a particular shirt size in the registration form that I need?
A: Just email us the size at least 2 weeks prior to the league, and we�¢??ll get it for you.

Q: Is it mandatory to attend all games?
A: It is mandatory for teams to be represented for ALL games. Please plan accordingly. A team that does not show up negatively affects other teams being able to play.

Q: I've played before, but I am not very experienced. Can I still play?
A: Sure! We offer three different divisions to choose from. A is for elite basketball players, B is for skilled basketball players, and C is for more recreational play.

Q: What is "first-come first-served"?
A: All our leagues have a maximum number of team spots available. Those spots are given to the teams to "complete" their team first. Completing a team means you have met the roster minimums, and paid all dues. Captains can see the status of their team in the dashboard.

Q: How do I reserve a team spot? When is my team complete?
A: Your team's spot is reserved in a league once it is "complete". For a team to be "complete" it needs to meet at least the team minimum of players on the roster, and those players must have paid their team fees. In the event that two "incomplete" teams are competing for the final spot in a league, the first team to "complete" its registration will get the remaining spot in the league.

Q: How/When do I pay?
A: You have 24 hours to pay for your spot. If you register, but don't pay during that window, you will be removed from the league. You can rejoin or get re-invited. If you are paying with a check, please email help@bostoncbl.com and we'll get you squared away.

Q: Can I bring alcohol to the sports leagues?
A: No, there is no alcohol to be brought to or consumed at any game. Not only is it against the rules of all our facilities where we play, but it is also un-safe to be drinking while playing sports. There is also no drinking prior to any sports games. Any member caught drinking during or prior to a game will be asked to leave the game immediately without question. If the same member is caught again they will be suspended from the league with no refund.

Q: What is your cancellation policy? Do you reschedule games?
A: Great question! New England weather can be pretty crazy and unpredictable. We do our very best to play the games as scheduled, but now and again we have to cancel because of the weather. When this happens we do our absolute best to reschedule your game. If we are able to reschedule your game, the entire season is extended. If for some reason we cannot reschedule we will have to cancel the game. There are no refunds for cancellations due to weather.

Q: What are your tiebreakers if season standings are tied?
A: Our tiebreakers are:

1) head to head match up - if it's more than a two way tie then every team must have had to play each other to use this tie breaker.

2) strength of schedule

3) point differential

4) points scored 

5) points against

Q: Are there refunds?
A: See our policy page.

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